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Spring Treatment

This treatment sets up your lawn for the year ahead, after the harshness of winter it provides nutrients for lawn to burst into life. A selective herbicide is used to control weeds.lawn-weed-treatment-anglesey

Early Summer Treatment

This nourishes and keeps your lawn strong, lush, and Healthy. A selective herbicide is used to control weeds throughout the summer months.


Late Summer Treatment

Similar to the early summer, this feed will continue to nourish your lawn through the conditions this season normally brings. A selective herbicide is used to control weeds.



This will harden your lawn for the cold weather ahead,and to help protect it against disease. It also controls moss activity.


Extra Treatments


The hollow-tine aeration relieves compaction in your lawn, allowing air to flow into the root zone. This will allow the grass roots to grow deeper and produce a denser, healthier lawn. Also the air flow will help in decomposing the thatch.




This is an intense treatment which physically removes the thatch and moss from your lawn. It can leave your lawn looking quite bare, but it is an important step to gain a healthy lawn.  Anglesey Lawn Care and garden services anglesey-lawn-treatment-north-wales